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Speed Queen®

Renowned for more than a century, Speed Queen is passionate about the consistently powerful performance of its equipment.

Every day, every cycle, Speed Queen® performs. Without that dedication, Speed Queen® would never have become the largest commercial laundry brand on the planet. 

An investment in Speed Queen products means you’ll get premium performance and reliability that leads the industry. Our washers and dryers are constructed to last longer in both commercial environments and at home, and they’re tested to ensure rugged durability and long-term dependability.

For business owners, our revolutionary Quantum® controls give you complete control of your laundry operation. Featuring networked, customizable options – including the ability to manage your laundry remotely — our equipment delivers practical features to make your life easier and more productive. Our worldwide network of expert laundry distributors can advise you on every aspect of the laundry business. And you can count on our special finance programs, which have helped thousands of investors achieve their dreams of building a business.

For home owners, you can count on Speed Queen to deliver commercial-grade quality. In fact, the machines we build for commercial environments are the same machines we build for the home. They’re made to last 25 years in the home, and they’re designed to bring you better wash results so you get cleaner laundry out of every load.

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